Hey everyone! Thanks for taking time to view my photos from this year's 2019 Smuggler Poker Run!

On Saturday I was set up in a clear cut just above a sharp, steep hairpin curve. I got lots of great shots of riders coming out of the curve and then down a short straight-away towards me. The morning light was just right for the perfect action shot.  

On Sunday I decided to go towards the bottom of the clear cut closer to where the riders came out of the timber. It was more in the shade but with a few adjustments on the camera all was good. There was a spot in the trail next to a big fir stump where a root crossed the trail. This made a great spot for anyone willing to get on the gas to catch a little air. With the phototag signs place just down the trail some riders took advantage of the opportunity to goon it up a little. Every rider rolling over that root from that stump provide some interesting angles as you'll see in the photos.

Best deal is the $20 download as it's big enough for making your own print as well. Best paper to print on? Probably the lustre or metallic will give you the best results.

Please let me know if you have questions or specific requests--including any inquiries regarding a package deal. You can contact me through email (smithsr@whidbey.com), the contact link up above, or through Facebook (photosbysteve).