Thank you for your interest in my photos!

You’ll be able to see all purchase options — including the very popular $15 high res download — once you add the pic to the shopping cart. I can also do a package option as well (10 high resolution photos for $50; each picture beyond 10 will be $5 each). If you want this option fill out the contact form on this website listing the IMG #s you're interested in. I will create an unlocked, private gallery for you to download them from. Payment would be through PayPal using this email — After you see what I was able to capture reach out if you’re interested in the package option.

You would save money, but realize that it would take me a little extra time to collect and get those images to you.

BTW, please don't screenshot my images. Everyone that sees it knows you stole it. Just buy the $15 version for your FB / Instagram page and live with a clear conscience. Thank you! I really appreciate it.

I am blessed by the good Lord with an eye for the action, what might happen at a given location on the course and a knowledge of how the camera works to be able to shoot these events. I am always amazed at the riding skill so many of you demonstrate out on the course. You all make it incredibly fun for me! Thank you for your support!

Ride hard--your photo is waiting!