Thanks for checking out my photos!

As far as naming the galleries, I had no idea what the name of each race was so I had to come up with my own system—every time a new moto started, I counted it as one. I stopped taking photos around 6 pm so I did not capture all races. When I left they had just finished #12 on their schedule. Well, I have 38 galleries from a full day of shooting pics. The galleries are in order of the day.

If you find a slightly or even a super blurry one I apologize. I always try to get rid of those before posting. I did purposely capture some pics with intended motion blur using a slow shutter. In those pictures the blur is intended to show motion. You'll find those mostly in the final galleries, with a few in the Highlight gallery.

Happy hunting! A couple of suggestions: if you order prints, the lustre and the metallic papers are the best. If you go with a digital download, the hi-res $20 option is your best value, as you could even use it to have a print made up to an 8 x 10 size. If you are interested in an entire sequence of just digital images, contact me; if you can do PayPal maybe we can work a special deal.

As always, let me know what you think.

BTW, please don't screenshot my images. Everyone that sees it knows you stole it. Just buy the small $10 web version for your FB / Instagram page and live with a clear conscience. Thank you! I appreciate it.