For Sunday's event I set up some signs and got some great shot of riders bouncing off a small bump as they came out of the woods and onto a straight-away section.

But I spent the majority of my time catching shots of riders coming off the loading dock from several angles. I also tried to catch riders just as they came into view at the top of hill--easier said then done. It was a little cloudy and a little damp but that made for some awesome lighting throughout the day.

As always, I probably missed kicking out a blurry shot or two--forgive me for that.

And finally, if you are interested in a series and would like to work a deal let me know. We'd run that through PayPal and they would be digital copies only.

For prints, the best paper to print on would be either metallic or lustre. The best value in a digital download is the $20 hi-res option as it's also large enough to make an 8x10 or 8x12 print from.

Thanks for checking out the photos! Let me know what you think!

Link to the Golden Spike Gallery