About these photos... Loop 1 covered about 35 miles of rough and varied desert terrain, as well as two water crossings. Seeing only a few still images hardly seems adequate in this amazing desert canyon. However, a good action photo tells a story and certainly can give the viewer an idea of what you, the rider, experienced during those grueling hours. For this year's race I set up down in the creek bottom hoping to get some water spray shots. I wasn't disappointed as riders came down the hill, weaving around a few corners before hitting the creek. With a fast shutter speed the water sprays shows some amazing patterns and spectacular effects. The bright colors of the bikes and the varied rider jerseys add even more to the color pop.    

If you completed lap 1 you should have anywhere from 10 - 30 or more photos to choose from! All told, you will find over 8,500 images in 19 galleries from Sunday's race to peruse through--happy hunting!

A couple of suggestions: if you order prints, the lustre and the metallic papers are the best. My personal preference would be the metallic paper just because of the bright colors on your bike or jersey. If you go with a digital download, the hi-res $20 option is your best value, as you could even use it to have a print made up to an 8 x 10 size. If you are interested in your entire sequence of just digital images, contact me through my contact page; if you can do PayPal I'm offering a special deal... If you want the entire sequence of your water crossing the special PayPal price will be $100. Upon receipt through PayPal (steve@photosbysteve.com) I will move your sequence of hi-res, unwatermarked images into a personal gallery and send you the link.

BTW, please don't screenshot my images. Everyone that sees it knows you stole it. You can always just buy the small $10 web version for your FB / Instagram page and live with a clear conscience. Thank you! I appreciate it. Many of you know that I put a lot of time and energy into planning my shoot because I think you deserve a photo that's unique and helps tell your racing story. Thank you for your purchase; it keeps me coming back!