About these 2022 Desert 100 photos... With a course that spreads over 50 miles of rough desert terrain, a few still images hardly seems adequate. However, a good action photo explains a lot and certainly can give the viewer an idea of what you, the rider, experienced during those grueling hours.

For this year's race we had a camera at the start (Kenton), a camera along the field just after the bridge crossing (Jeff), and myself up at that hill climb another mile or so farther towards camp from Jeff's location down in the field.

At the start it was dusty! I purposely left some of those extra dusty images in the gallery as they show what you the rider had to see through.

At the hill climb it was pretty chaotic at times as some riders struggled to get up it. It was challenging to shoot as there was so much going on; however,  I know that I wasn't able to capture the best images of each rider. I did the best I could as it was a wide area with riders spread out--not what I typically like as I prefer to be closer as riders pass by me.    

All told, you will find over 22,000 images from Sunday's Desert 100 race to peruse through--the wild and dusty start, fast sections along the field, that rocky hill climb, even a few  roosting sections! Forgive me if I missed getting a great shot of you or if I missed deleting out an occasional blurry image. Happy hunting!

A couple of suggestions: if you order prints, the lustre and the metallic papers are the best. If you go with a digital download, the hi-res $15 option is your best value, as you could even use it to have a print made up to an 8 x 10 size. For those of you who want all the pixels, opt for the $40 Original download. (I discontinued the $10 web option as it's just too small a file.)

In honor of the 50th Desert 100 I'm offering the "$50 Special" (10 high res images for $50).

If you are interested in the "$50 Special", or something similar, fill out the contact form on this website.

If you are wanting an entire longer sequence of just digital images, or all your images of you and other family members contact me--we'll negotiate and work out a special deal. We would use PayPal or Venmo for these types of transactions. You would also need to email me the IMG#s from their respective galleries. You would save money, but realize that it would take me extra time to collect and get those images to you.

BTW, please don't screenshot my images. Everyone that sees it knows you stole it. Just buy the  $15 version for your FB / Instagram page and live with a clear conscience. Thank you! I really appreciate it.

I am blessed by the good Lord with an eye for the action , what might happen at a given location on the course and a knowledge of how the camera works to be able to shoot these events. I am always amazed at the riding skill so many of you demonstrate out on the course. You all make it incredibly fun for me! Thank you for your support!

Ride hard--your photo is waiting!