About this year's photos...

With a course that spreads over 50 miles of rough desert terrain, a few still images hardly seems adequate. However, a good action photo explains a lot and certainly can give the viewer an idea of what you, the rider, experienced during those grueling hours.

For this year's race we had 3 cameras in 4 areas catching a wide variety of race action. I also tried to sync all the galleries so that it would be easier to find your photo across multiple camera zones--just look for yourself in the same or approximate time as to where you found yourself originally. Of course if you did two laps you should have lots of photos! All told, you will find over 35,000 images from Sunday's Desert 100 race to peruse through--fast straight sections, rocky uphills, even some roosting sections! Happy hunting!     

A couple of suggestions: if you order prints, the lustre and the metallic papers are the best. If you go with a digital download, the hi-res $20 option is your best value, as you could even use it to have a print made up to an 8 x 10 size.  If you are interested in an entire sequence of just digital images, contact me;  if you can do PayPal maybe we can work a special deal.

BTW, please don't screenshot my images. Everyone that sees it knows you stole it. Just buy the small $10 web version for your FB / Instagram page and live with a clear conscience. Thank you! I appreciate it.